SMIL KAFFE is a new coffee brand established in the summer of 2020 by Michael Sabro and Jeppe Hein. The two men have long been friends and the idea behind SMIL KAFFE was born in Montana, while they were riding horses, lying in the grass and living into the day like modern cowboys sometimes do.

SMIL KAFFE is freshly roasted, high quality, organic coffee from local roasteries out of a mobile coffee shop on wheels. It wants to offer a slow food experience in a fast speed time – essentially SMIL KAFFE is coffee to stay with a smile to go!

A smile is a fundamental form of human communication. A smile is a sign for appreciation, delight and happiness – the mobile SMIL KAFFE stand offers a place to share a smile over a hot cup of coffee and that’s its whole magic, since good coffee makes you smile.

More details coming soon.

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